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Why Parboiled Basmati Rice best for you?

parboiled basmati rice

Parboiled Basmati Rice, also referred to as Sela Basmati Rice or Basmati Sela Rice, is a unique type of rice that undergoes an intriguing process called parboiling. This happens while the rice is still encased in its husk, prior to it being available for purchase. Frequently termed as "converted rice," this special variety distinctly differentiates itself from the typical white rice we're accustomed to.

Parboiled Basmati rice is revered for its nutrient-rich profile. The parboiling process enhances the transfer of nutrients from the husk into the grain, ensuring these vital elements are not lost during the milling stage. As a result, it's packed with higher quantities of fiber, vitamins, and minerals compared to regular white rice. This makes it a considerably healthier option and an excellent choice for those seeking to incorporate more nutritious ingredients into their meals.

What is normal basmati rice?

Normal Basmati Rice, also known simply as Basmati Rice, is a variety of long-grained rice that is native to the Indian subcontinent. The word "Basmati" originates from the Hindi language, meaning "fragrant." This refers to the aromatic fragrance that the rice emits while being cooked.

Basmati rice is highly prized for its unique characteristics. Its grains are significantly longer than they are wide, and they grow even longer as they cook. When cooked, Basmati rice grains remain distinct, rather than sticking together, making it ideal for dishes like Biryani, Pilaf, and Fried Rice.

However, compared to its parboiled counterpart, it has less fiber due to the removal of its husk during the milling process.

What is Parboiled Basmati Rice?

Parboiled Basmati Rice, also referred to as Sela Basmati Rice or Basmati Sela Rice, is a special type of Basmati rice that undergoes a unique process known as parboiling before milling. The term 'parboiling' derives from the French 'partially boiling', which precisely describes this process.

In the parboiling process, the rice is soaked, steamed, and dried while still in its husk. This allows the nutrients from the husk, particularly vitamins and minerals, to move into the grain itself. As a result, parboiled Basmati rice retains more nutrients compared to regular Basmati rice.

One distinguishing characteristic of parboiled Basmati rice is its golden yellow color, which is a direct result of the parboiling process. When cooked, the grains remain firm and separate, offering a different texture compared to regular Basmati rice.

Parboiled Basmati rice is considered a healthier alternative to regular white rice due to its enhanced nutritional profile. It's packed with more fiber, vitamins, minerals, and has a lower glycemic index, making it an excellent choice for those managing their blood sugar levels.

On the culinary front, parboiled Basmati rice carries the signature aroma and flavor of Basmati and is perfect for a wide variety of dishes, from stir-fries to salads, and more. The slightly firmer texture of the cooked grains makes it particularly suitable for dishes that require the grains to remain separate.

Parboiled Basmati Rice brings together the best of both worlds - the unmistakable aroma and flavor of Basmati rice and the nutritional benefits of the parboiling process.

The Origin and Cultural Significance of Basmati Rice

Basmati rice, renowned for its distinctive aroma and long, slender grains, has a rich history rooted in the Indian subcontinent. The word "Basmati" itself means "fragrant" or "full of aroma" in Hindi and Sanskrit, reflecting its unique sensory appeal.

The origins of Basmati rice can be traced back thousands of years. Historical references suggest that it was first cultivated in regions of India and Pakistan, with some records dating as far back as 2,000 BC. Over the centuries, the cultivation of Basmati rice spread throughout the fertile plains of Northern India, particularly along the basins of the Ganges and Indus rivers.

In terms of cultural significance, Basmati rice holds a sacred place in South Asian societies. It is often associated with prosperity and abundance and is an essential component of religious ceremonies, weddings, and other special occasions. From the grand feasts of Mughal emperors to everyday meals in regular households, Basmati rice has been a constant presence, celebrated for its delectable flavor and nutritional benefits.

Over time, Basmati rice has made its way beyond the boundaries of the subcontinent, earning global recognition. Today, it is loved by people all over the world, not just for its unique aroma and taste, but also for its versatility in various culinary preparations. From the savory biryanis of India and Pakistan to the sweet rice puddings of the West, Basmati rice shines in its ability to absorb flavors while maintaining its integrity and texture.

Regardless of its form, be it normal or parboiled, Basmati rice continues to be a beloved staple, carrying with it centuries of tradition, cultural heritage, and a rich flavor profile that is hard to match.

Normal Basmati Rice Vs Parboiled Basmati Rice:- Features

Parboiled Basmati Rice

Normal Basmati Rice

​Glycaemic Index

Moderate glycaemic index, better than white rice.

Lower glycaemic index than regular Basmati rice.

Benefits for Diabetics

Gradually increases blood sugar, better choice for diabetics compared to white rice.

Contains resistant starch which does not release glucose in the body, benefiting diabetic individuals.

Fiber and Protein Content

Higher fiber and protein content than white rice.

Even higher fiber and protein content due to parboiling process, fewer carbohydrates.

Comparison with White/Basmati Rice

A better version of white rice with superior taste and nutritional profile.

A healthier version of Basmati rice due to nutrient retention at molecular level during parboiling.

Cooking and Soaking Time

Requires soaking for about 30 minutes before cooking for even, fluffy grains.

Requires less soaking time and generally has a shorter cooking time.

Taste and Texture

Has a distinctive flavor and aroma with long, slender, and fluffy grains when cooked.

Has a unique flavor, the grains are firmer and less likely to break during cooking, staying separate when cooked.

Nutrient Retention

Some nutrients are lost during the polishing process.

Parboiling drives nutrients from the bran into the kernel before hulling, resulting in enhanced nutrient retention.

Normal Basmati Rice Vs Parboiled Basmati Rice-Nutrition

Basmati Rice

Parboiled Basmati Rice

Energy (Kcal)




8.89 g

8.89 g


73 g

80 g

Total Dietary Fiber

4 g

0 g

Total Lipid Fats

2 g

0 g


0 g

0 g

Glycaemic Index


Lower than regular Basmati rice

Vitamins and Minerals

Contains essential vitamins like thiamine and niacin, and minerals like iron and magnesium

Retains more vitamins and minerals due to the parboiling process

Resistant Starch

Lower levels

Higher levels due to the parboiling process

Beneficial For

Individuals who enjoy aromatic, long-grained rice with a distinctive flavor

Health-conscious individuals or those managing their blood sugar levels

Cooking with Parboiled Basmati Rice

Parboiled Basmati Rice offers a unique culinary experience with its distinctive taste, firm texture, and nutrient-rich profile. The grains of this rice variant are less sticky and more separate after cooking, which makes it an excellent choice for a variety of dishes.

Before you start cooking, it's important to note that Parboiled Basmati Rice requires less soaking time than normal Basmati Rice. A quick rinse under cold water is generally sufficient. Also, parboiled rice tends to have a slightly shorter cooking time.

Here's a basic method to cook Parboiled Basmati Rice:

Rinse the Rice: Before cooking, rinse the rice under cold water until the water runs clear. This helps to remove any remaining starch and prevents the rice from clumping together.

Boil Water: In a large pot, bring water to a boil. A good ratio to follow is two cups of water for every cup of rice.

Cook the Rice: Add the rinsed rice to the boiling water. Lower the heat to a simmer, cover the pot, and let it cook. It typically takes around 20 minutes for the rice to fully cook. Avoid stirring the rice while it's cooking as this can make it sticky.

Check the Rice: After 20 minutes, check if the rice is cooked. The grains should be firm and separate. If it's still too hard, you can cook it for a few more minutes.

Drain and Rest: Once cooked, drain the rice and let it rest for a few minutes. This allows any remaining water to evaporate.

Parboiled Basmati Rice is perfect for dishes where the rice needs to be firm and separate. It's ideal for biryanis, pilafs, salads, and stir-fried dishes. Additionally, it pairs well with a wide variety of ingredients, making it a versatile choice for numerous global cuisines. Whether you're preparing a hearty rice casserole or a delicate seafood paella, Parboiled Basmati Rice is an excellent ingredient to work with.

Why Choose Yaseen Mills for Your Parboiled Basmati Rice

When it comes to choosing Parboiled Basmati Rice, quality, authenticity, and trust are paramount. Yaseen Mills embodies all these values, making it the perfect choice for your Parboiled Basmati Rice needs.

Premium Quality: At Yaseen Mills, we are committed to delivering the highest quality rice. Our Parboiled Basmati Rice is meticulously processed to retain maximum nutrients, ensuring you receive a product that is as healthy as it is tasty.

Authenticity: Our Parboiled Basmati Rice is genuine and sourced directly from the lush fields of the Indian subcontinent, renowned for producing the best quality Basmati rice. We uphold the traditional parboiling method to offer you authentic, nutrient-packed Basmati rice.

Trustworthy: With a strong commitment to our customers, we at Yaseen Mills ensure that our products go through rigorous quality checks. We adhere strictly to global food safety standards, providing you with a product you can trust.

Customer Service: We believe in building lasting relationships with our customers. Our dedicated customer service is always ready to assist you with any queries or issues you may have, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

Fast and Reliable Delivery: Our efficient delivery network ensures that your Parboiled Basmati Rice reaches your doorstep quickly and in perfect condition, no matter where in the USA you are located.

Choosing Yaseen Mills for your Parboiled Basmati Rice means choosing a product that is not just nutritious and delicious but also backed by a brand that you can trust for quality and service. Experience the best of Parboiled Basmati Rice with Yaseen Mills.

How to Purchase Parboiled Basmati Rice from Yaseen Mills

Purchasing Parboiled Basmati Rice from Yaseen Mills is a straightforward process designed with your convenience in mind. Here's how you can order your preferred quantity of our premium-quality Parboiled Basmati Rice:

Visit the Website: Navigate to our website Yaseen Mills.

Get a Quote: Once you're on our website, you can click on 'Get a Quote' to receive detailed pricing information. Fill out the necessary details including your contact information and the quantity of Parboiled Basmati Rice you wish to purchase.

Confirmation: Our team will respond promptly with a quote tailored to your request. Review the details, and if everything is satisfactory, confirm your order.

Payment: Upon confirming your order, you will be guided through a secure payment process.

Delivery: Once your payment has been processed, we will prepare your order for delivery. Yaseen Mills prides itself on fast and reliable delivery, ensuring your Parboiled Basmati Rice reaches you in the quickest possible time.

If you have any questions or need assistance during any stage of the process, our dedicated customer service team is always ready to help. Enjoy the convenience of purchasing top-quality Parboiled Basmati Rice from the comfort of your home with Yaseen Mills.


In the realm of rice, Parboiled Basmati Rice stands as a nutritious, flavorful, and versatile choice. Its unique processing method enhances the rice's nutrient profile, making it an excellent choice for health-conscious individuals and those seeking a robust flavor in their dishes.

When selecting Parboiled Basmati Rice, Yaseen Mills is a name you can trust for quality, authenticity, and reliable service. With our commitment to offering premium products and our dedicated customer service, we ensure a seamless shopping experience for our customers.

Experience the delightful aroma, distinct flavor, and the multitude of health benefits of Parboiled Basmati Rice with Yaseen Mills. To get started on your journey of culinary discovery with this wonderful rice variant, visit our website and Get a Quote today. Let Yaseen Mills be your trusted partner in providing the highest quality Parboiled Basmati Rice.

In the end, it's not just about choosing a healthier rice option—it's about making a choice for a healthier lifestyle. Make that choice today with Yaseen Mills' Parboiled Basmati Rice.


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